Why choose Halifax Kitesurfing School?

World-class instruction

Instructor is certified by the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) and has well over 3000 hours of teaching experience around the world. Head instructor, Mark has competed at a world level in the sport and been featured in over 25 magazine articles related to the sport. Learn with confidence.

Great location, close to Halifax

Halifax Kitesurfing School teaches at two different locations that are less than 40 minutes from Halifax. Stoney Beach in East Lawrencetown and Martinique Beach in East Petpeswick.

Quality gear

All of our school gear is top quality and less than one season old. Learn on the most advanced equipment on the market.

Ongoing support

Once you're finished your lessons, you'll need lots of help as you enter this exciting sport. Halifax Kitesurfing will stay involved in your learning journey and keep you excited and challenged. This sport can be a life changer.

Lessons available 7 days per week

If the wind is blowing, lessons are available! No waiting around for weeks to learn - get started quickly!

New and used gear available

Halifax Kitesurfing has a solid stock of new and used kitesurfing gear. Get expert advice and make sure that you don't end up with inappropriate gear.

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