Halifax Kitesurfing School

April 2, 2016

Halifax Kitesurfing School

➡ Halifax Kitesurfing School offers daily kitesurfing and surfing lessons near Halifax and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Our two primary teaching locations are Stoney Beach in the Lawrencetown area and Martinique Beach in East Petpeswick.Both of these locations are less than an hour from metro Halifax and Dartmouth.

➡ Halifax Kitesurfing School teaches world class lessons. Our school gear is high quality and SeaDoo (jetski) assist is used in many lessons to make the learning process easier and much faster.

➡ Learn this exciting sport from an International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) instructor with over 3500 hours of teaching experience. Learn with confidence from a highly skilled and experienced instructor. Once your lessons have been completed, we'd like to maintain an ongoing relationship as you develop into an independent rider.

➡ We also offer new and used kitesurfing equipment for purchase. Speak with us before buying gear, as this is a very important decision. Often, new riders buy gear prematurely and later realize that they made an incorrect purchase. Gear is included in the lesson fee, to avoid this mistake. Please take a look at our frequently asked questions (FAQ) page for more information about Halifax Kitesurfing School and the sport in general.

➡ We also offer surfing lessons at Martinique Beach everyday from May to October. Surfing lessons include 1-hour with an instructor and surfboard and wetsuit rental for the rest of the day. Surf until you're tired! If you'd like some proof that you caught a few waves, rent a GoPro waterproof camera to capture the memories. Bring friends and save on lesson costs.




• Open 7 days a week from May - October.
• Learn to kitesurf from a world-class instructor with 3500 hours of teaching experience.
• All our lessons include kiting gear rental (except wetsuits, which are $25 extra).
• Gear rental available.
• Learn valuable information about local weather and how it impacts kiting in Nova Scotia.
• We offer new and used kiting equipment packages for all budgets.
• We also offer surfing lessons.
• Drone and GoPro photo memories also available.

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