Frequently Asked Questions


Is kitesurfing / kiteboarding hard to learn?

Not necessarily. Most students are successful if they’re dedicated and committed. It’s no different than learning any other skill in life. Time and commitment.

Do I have to be strong?

Learning to kitesurf / kiteboard has NOTHING to do with strength. It’s very much a finesse and precision sport.

Can I still learn to kitesurf if I don't know how to surf?

Yes, they’re entirely different.

Where do the lessons happen?

Halifax Kitesurfing is centrally located near the Halifax/Dartmouth region. Our two main teaching locations are:

1. Stoney Beach, East Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia. 25 minutes from Halifax.

2. Martinique Beach, East Petpeswick, Nova Scotia. 45 minutes from Halifax.

What months and days are lessons available?

Lessons are available 7 days per week (wind pending) from May – October.

What are your hours?

We’re open for phone/text/email from 9am – 7pm everyday from May – October. Typically, lessons happen in the early afternoons, but that can vary depending upon the wind conditions.

How much do lessons cost?

Check out our lessons page for pricing.

Do you sell kitesurfing / kiteboarding gear? How much does the gear cost?

Yes, we have new and second hand gear options. Prices vary, obviously. A new setup for everything you’ll need will cost around $2800 Canadian dollars, including tax. A quality used setup starts at approximately $1500 and runs to about $1900 Canadian dollars.

Should I book my kitesurfing lessons in advance?

Yes, 2-3 days notice is preferred. However, you can always try us the same-day.

What is the cancellation policy?

Things happen. However, this is a business.

More than 24 hours notice prior to your scheduled lesson: No fee.

More than 1 hour (but less than 24 hours) of notice prior to your scheduled lesson: $100 penalty.

Less than 1 hours of notice prior to your scheduled lesson: Zero refund.

No show: Zero refund.

What happens if the wind isn't blowing for my lessons?

There will be no charge and your lesson will be rescheduled.

How can I book a lesson?

Call or text 902-789-5483 or email: